Area Four Industries Acquires Prolyte Group

Area Four Industries has acquired Prolyte Group, a maker of trussing, staging, and hoists.

"The position of Area Four Industries as the leading manufacturing group on the worldwide market for aluminium truss, support structures, staging products, and the offer of related services has just been strengthened with the acquisition of Prolyte Group," Area Four Industries said in a brief statement. "The core of the Prolyte brand and its high quality products will remain, but a major reorganization will take place within its management, production processes and strategic direction."

"Continuing on the path already traced by the other controlled brands, Prolyte will keep its DNA intact with a profound reorganization from management, production, and strategic point of view," Prolyte said in its own statement about the acquisition.

František Zykan, CEO of Area Four Industries, explains: “We will invest in the development of Prolyte as a brand, as well as in new ideas and products. Our current partners remain equally important for us. I trust that in two years, Prolyte will be no. 1 in customer satisfaction.”

Prolyte CEO Lambert Bouwmeester adds: “Together with Area Four Industries, Prolyte will provide the broadest ranges of products and solutions to our customers. I believe the change of today is the chance for tomorrow. Prolyte remains here, helping you build great things.”

Area Four Industries was created in 2012 when Milos Structural Systems, Litec, and TOMCAT were combined and solidified. James Thomas Engineering joined in 2014.

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