CETEC Group Now Canadian Manufacturers Rep for Optec Display

[![CETEC Group Owner Wayne Korhonen](/content/images/2017/07/CETEC-Wayne-Korhonen-214x300.jpg)](/content/images/2017/07/CETEC-Wayne-Korhonen.jpg)CETEC Group Owner Wayne Korhonen
Wayne Korhonen, the principal and owner of The CETEC Group Inc., has announced a Canadian manufacturers representative agreement for Optec Display. Optec has patented many breakthroughs in LED display technology and has grown into one of North America’s leading large format, LED display manufacturers.

“The CETEC Group’s expansion to represent Optec Displays, Inc. integrates our client focused technical, design and support capabilities and value to integrators, specifiers and resellers”, says Wayne Korhonen.

“Optec Displays, Inc. is pleased to partnership with CETEC Group’s seasoned professionals growing our customer base with our brand values and strategy designing and developing innovative long-lasting LED display technology, control systems, and software.”, says Mark Sidge, Director Strategic Accounts, Optec Displays, Inc.

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