Chroma-Q Acquires Jands Vista Lighting Control Systems

North American LED lighting manufacturer Chroma-Q has acquired Jands Vista software and hardware lighting control systems.

Jands Vista has been providing customers and end users with control software and hardware through a partnership with its distributors in and in North America through A.C. Lighting Inc. and in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. since 2004, where they relied on the A.C. Group for technical support and service.

Vista has been adopted by a large range of leading lighting designers, specifiers, rental and production companies, venues, shows and events worldwide.

Recognizing the potential for Vista lighting control systems in today's market, and its existing synergy with the A.C. Group and Chroma-Q, the company says it was a logical move to have the Vista lighting control systems join Chroma-Q and have Vista products benefitting from the Chroma-Q in-house experience in building new solutions.

The companies say that Vista being acquired by Chroma-Q will improve long-term support and customer care of the brand and bring a new range of possibilities to the marketplace.

Moving forward, new hardware design, development, and manufacturing will be done in Toronto with the help of some specially hired R&D engineers. The software development will remain in Australia with its head developer and assistants, with new software developers being added to the team.

To coincide with the change, Vista will now be branded as Vista by Chroma-Q.

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