Freeman Audio Visual Canada Wins Canadian Event Perspective Award

[![(L to R) Freeman Audio Visual Canada's Dianne King, Brian Johnston & Jay Lanchbury accept the Canadian Event Perspective Award.](/content/images/2016/04/Freeman-Award-300x169.jpg)](/content/images/2016/04/Freeman-Award.jpg)(L to R) Freeman Audio Visual Canada’s Dianne King, Brian Johnston & Jay Lanchbury accept the Canadian Event Perspective Award.
Freeman Audio Visual Canada has won the Canadian Event Perspective Award in the category of Best Audio Visual Design for an Event for production of the 2015 Winter Cities Shake-Up. The award was presented by the Canadian Special Events Media Group.

The inaugural Winter Cities Shake-Up, held in Edmonton in January 2015, served as a gathering of urban planners and designers, entrepreneurs and business people, artists, cultural and community organizers, and people who live in winter cities and want to take advantage of all winter has to offer. The conference featured three days of presentations from internationally-renowned experts and rising stars in winter design, winter business and winter fun.

“The City of Edmonton’s approach to winter was aiming to be different,” says Doug Hawtin, Account Executive with Freeman Audio Visual Canada. “The goal was to embrace how winter can feel and show new ways of looking at something that has been lived through a million times before.”

There were a number of major innovative technical aspects to Winter Cities Shake-Up that garnered industry and social media attention. Among them was the curved 132 x 21-ft. Peroni projection screen which has been widely touted as the first if its kind in Canada. The second creative technical aspect was the life-size snow globe in the centre of the stage. Visit the following link to view the best of the Winter Cities Shake-Up

“As our audio visual partner, Freeman Audio Visual understood what we were doing from the start and helped us enhance the experience, which aligned with the way that we were aiming to change the perception of winter for our delegates,” says Rebecca Swanson, Director of Communications, BUKSA Strategic Conference Services. “They came to BUKSA Strategic Conference Services with an idea, which was to create a screen that encompassed the room. This was something that had never been done in Canada, and we were keen to be the first to try it. It surpassed our expectations.”

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