GerrAudio Distribution Announces Restructuring of Ownership

Bob Snelgrove, founder and president of GerrAudio Distribution, has announced the addition of Geoff Maurice and Peter Snelgrove to the company’s Board of Directors. Both Maurice and Peter have taken equity positions in the company, and will continue in their existing roles alongside Bob, to manage GerrAudio's daily operations and long-term strategic planning.

Geoff Maurice has been appointed VP & director of sales, and Peter Snelgrove has been appointed VP & director of operations. Bob Snelgrove continues to be actively involved as the company's president and CEO.

"This is a momentous occasion, not just for GerrAudio but for me personally as well," comments Bob Snelgrove, who founded GerrAudio 42 years ago. "These two gentlemen have both greatly contributed to the company's growth and success. Over the past three years they have taken on increased operational management of our day-to-day affairs and internal processes. This new partnership further cements their place in GerrAudio and strengthens our ability to serve our suppliers and customers as we continue to expand and grow."

Geoff Maurice started at GerrAudio in 2008, graduating from Calgary's Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Electrical Engineering. From 2008-2010, he worked as a technical support advisor for the company’s customer service department and in 2010 moved over to the sales team as the sales manager for Ontario. In 2017, Maurice was promoted to head of sales for the company, where he continues to manage each regional sales team and revenue-generating opportunity. In this role, Maurice also actively participates in all strategic partnership initiatives between GerrAudio and its supplier and customer contacts.

After graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a bachelor of Business Administration in 2011, Peter Snelgrove spent five years working in media sales for Toronto's News Marketing Canada before joining his father's business in 2016. From 2016-2017, Snelgrove worked as technical support advisor for GerrAudio's customer service department, and in 2018 was promoted and joined the company's Ontario Sales Team. Since then, Snelgrove has been charged with overseeing GerrAudio's Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance departments. In this role, Snelgrove also actively participates in all strategic partnership initiatives between GerrAudio and its supplier and customer contacts.

"Geoff, Peter, and myself share many similarities, but I believe it’s the differences among us that will really drive GerrAudio forward," comments Bob Snelgrove. "The guys bring fresh, new ideas to the table, and have the personal energy, drive, and ability to see concepts through to successful completion." He continues, "I am able to pull from my years of experience and provide perspective, which sometimes slows things down, but continues to be a valuable asset as we evaluate each new opportunity.

"Live performance is where I started and where the company developed - it was, and still is, core to our business and close to our hearts. But GerrAudio has always been both technology and customer driven and has naturally evolved, along with our suppliers, to include a far broader customer base. Today our products find themselves in nuclear reactors, hospitals, research facilities, aerospace, transportation, marine, and recording and broadcast studios, among others.

"Our business and customer base are constantly evolving and I believe that, anchored by the customer-centric and technical excellence philosophy of our company, the people we have on staff, and the incredible lines we represent, we have set ourselves up to enjoy continued success and growth.” Snelgrove concludes, "I am really looking forward to working with Geoff and Peter as partners in the years ahead. I know that in our partnership, the three of us and the amazing sales and service team we have, GerrAudio’s customers will continue to receive the advanced level of care and support that they have come to expect from everyone at GerrAudio,"

For more information, contact GerrAudio Distribution: 613-342-6999,,

Pictured L-R: Geoff Maurice, Bob Snelgrove, Peter Snelgrove

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Andrew Leyenhorst is the Assistant Editor for Professional Sound and Professional Lighting & Production, and related online channels.
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