PL&P Video & Lighting Survey

As lighting and video become increasingly interconnected, Professional Lighting & Production surveyed lighting and video professionals to get their thoughts and opinions on this convergence of technologies, techniques, and components. Here are the results…

What percentage of the projects you’ve worked on over the last year have featured both lighting and video components?

None                                                   10%

1-25%                                                  17.50%

26-50%                                                32.50%

51-75%                                                15%

76-100%                                              25%

Over which period of time have you noticed a strong convergence between lighting and video technologies?

10 or more years ago                                       7.32%

The last 5-9 years                                            36.59%

The last 3-4 years ago                                     39.02%

The last 1-2 years ago                                     9.76%

I have not noticed it                                        7.32%

Have you noticed professionals who once worked strictly with either lighting or video technology enhancing their knowledge of technologies and techniques related to the other?

Yes                                                                  58.54%

Somewhat                                                       29.27%

No                                                                   7.32%

Not sure                                                          4.88%

Have you noticed that lighting technologies are adopting video-related features and functions lately, or vice-versa?

Yes                                                                  56.10%

Sometimes                                                       36.59%

No                                                                   2.44%

No Answer                                                      4.88%

Do you see potential in further convergence between the two components?

Yes. There is plenty of untapped potential in bridging the two mediums                  56.10%

Maybe. There is some potential in bridging the two mediums, though some separation is ideal 36.59%

No. The two should largely be kept separate              0%

Not sure                                                                      7.32%

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician, Canadian Music Trade, Professional Sound, and Professional Lighting & Production magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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